Why Cyber Threats are Important

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Why Cyber Threats are Important

Why Cyber Threats are Important

Trends 05 Dec 2020

Peace of mind for your business’s cybersecurity doesn’t come from quick fixes or turning a blind eye to digital threats strong enough to put you out of business.

Small businesses don’t have the funds to withstand a cyber-attack, and to own a business is to be vulnerable to a cyber breach. With our Peace-of-Mind Cyber Insurance add-on for $25 a month, we look at a business’s cyber posture and current plan to create a complete solution, giving assurance to all of your business moving forward.

$250,000 in coverage for $25 a month

Though cyber attacks seem like a large corporation issue, a majority of hacks target small and midsize organizations. Many go out of business in the blink of an eye after an attack because they aren’t prepared.

  • Best-In-Industry Comprehensive Coverage
  • $250,000 Limit
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Cybersecurity Employee Training
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Breach Advocacy & Response

The lack of adequate knowledge can put your business in a terrible bind, financially and operationally. You need the peace of mind knowing that you have an advocate doing everything they can to reduce cyber risk. Our continuous solution includes risk management tools that prevent breaches and minimize their impact if a breach occurs.

Impact of your Cyber Score

By participating in our mentorship program you will reduce your overall cyber risk and position your company as someone who is promoting themselves responsibly and it is proven these companies succeed far more than others do. Once you acheive a certain score you will be eligible for preferred insurance program through one of the insurEco System partners.

A Tale Of Two Attacks

A healthcare office was hit by a ransomware attack. Their backup was months old and incomplete. Their internal IT support was minimal and their cyber policy hadn’t been reviewed in years. With few options available, they decided to pay the ransom. Even with the decryption key, restoring their data was an arduous task. Doctors couldn’t see patients for two weeks as they rebuilt their systems. The out-of-pocket expenses totaled nearly $70,000 and the office’s reputation sank as patients lost trust in its ability to safeguard their information.

Alternatively, a dental practice with an up-to-date ransomware policy also suffered a ransomware attack. They had an experienced IT vendor maintaining their systems and ensuring their backups were reliable. With a secure copy of their data in hand and the know-how to bring their systems back online, this dental practice restored its information, lost less than half a day of work and incurred expenses under $2,000.

CyberInsurance provided exclusively for WebMentor clients by Fifthwall Insurance Solutions

About Fifthwall Solutions

FifthWall works with a range of insurers to limit your cyber exposure and give you peace of mind for your business. With our policies, your business is covered from business interruptions, cyber crimes, and several of the consequences that follow. With breach prevention and response tools, you avoid risk and minimize impact in the event of a security incident.

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